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Live in Ponte Vedra: The Both

March 03rd, 2015 | Category: Life,Opinions

So, in January I got to go see The Both (my brother’s birthday present to me), a band started by Aimee Mann and Ted Leo as a side-project to their solo work. It’s a good band, their self-titled debut record, The Both, is a great record. It’s a good mix of dark and light, you can hear Aimee and Ted’s individual styles, yet they blend so well. If you’re looking for something new, check out The Both, you won’t be let down.

They played lots of good stuff that cold January evening, but Aimee’s stuff will always be my favorite. Their joint rendition of Goodbye Caroline, off of Aimee’s fifth studio record, The Forgotten Arm, was SPECTACULAR.


Pseudo-intellectual nonsense

January 27th, 2015 | Category: Life,Opinions,Random Thought

So, TLC is possibly the most intellectually bankrupt network on tv. They have not one but TWO shows about dudes with multiple wives. There’s 19 Kids and Counting, a show about the Dugger family, Michelle & Jim-Bob, raising 19 kids. Aside from being boring to watch, the Duggers regularly use their “fame” to spearhead anti-gay and lesbian campaigns, including a state-wide robo-call against marriage equality in Arkansas. They have a late-night talk show, All About Sex, during which the hostesses seem to go on and on about how they mostly try to avoid sex with their spouses/lovers. Well, except Margaret Cho, she’s down for anything. All these shows have pseudo-intellectual catch phrases, “We just love each other,” “Love should be multiplied, not divided,” “…somehow, we just make things work,” “Dirty, filthy, fucking.” Okay, maybe that last one isn’t so intellectual, pseudo or otherwise, but the others are just things stupid people say to sound smart or profound, or to make their lives sound provocative. These are all pretty spectacular, in an awful sort of way. Dirty, filthy, fucking just might go on my epitaph. However, we might have a new top of the heap from one of TLC’s new reality train-wreck, My Big Fat Beautiful Life, it’s a show about this lady who’s overweight because of a medical condition. but loving life just the same. Now, anybody who puts their life on tv, or on a blog… is open to criticism, medical condition or no. Myself included. THAT SAID… This lady’s, sort of, life motto, just strikes me as totally vacuous, “I only have this one life to live, and it damn sure better count.”

I only have this one life to live, and it damn sure better count, it’s so… motivational speaker-esque. It’s just a bunch of words that add up to nothing. Yes, we only get one shot at life, so far as we know, that’s true enough. It’s the second half of her motivational gold that bothers me. See, every life counts, for good or ill, every life counts, no damn sure betters about it. We leave footprints in the world, it happens without even trying. Whether you’re Steve Jobs, or someone’s crazy cat-lady aunt, you’re remembered, you affect the people around you. Our worry should be that at the end of our everything, we left the world a little brighter than when we entered it, not whether or not we made life “count.”


Halloween 2014

November 04th, 2014 | Category: Life,Opinions
Zombie Club Girl…

Zombie Club Girl…

My brother and I, the Conehead and the Zombie…

My brother and I, the Conehead and the Zombie…

So, this year we had a pretty sizable Halloween party, I had to dress… big. Hence, Zombie Club Girl… in a bit of a contrast to my brother’s Conehead. I think we both pulled off our respective costumes with flare.  Yet… I’m pretty gorgeous, no?


Rocking the mid-terms!

November 02nd, 2014 | Category: Life,Opinions
Rocking the vote…!

Rocking the vote…!

So, I went and did my Civic Duty, early voting… We had a lot of important local races, but the race for Governor is by far the most important, and the easiest choice. Governor Rick Scott has done so much damage, all that matters is that he DOESN’T win.

“Vote Charlie Crist for Governor… He sucks less!”


Yosemite/just talking

November 01st, 2014 | Category: Life,Opinions

So, I took some time off, but I’m going to get back into the swing…

I’m back in Mac OS X Yosemite, I have it running better than last time, at least. I had to go back, it’s the only way to push forward. I have to be in the OS, so that I can accurately report the issues to Apple and ControlBionics, the issues that need fixing. I don’t want NeuroSwitch users stuck using last year’s technology simply because they have no choice. If we want to upgrade to the latest OS on the latest Mac hardware on release day, that should be a right, not a privilege. If I have to be the one in the trenches, being fucked over by bugs so that other people with disabilities aren’t relegated to technology’s back of the bus… Sign me up, I’m down. The back of the bus is unacceptable, especially on the Mac, a platform defined by inclusion. Apple has always supported assistive technology (AT), more now than ever,  I don’t worry about their internal support of assistive technology. I worry that third-party AT developers might be getting complacent, could maybe do more to keep up with Apple. I don’t want to see developers playing it safe, pushing users to play it safe, to hold back on OS updates, choosing last year’s stability over the innovation of today, and tomorrow, and tomorrow. That way of thinking is antiquated, developers should be pushing toward giving users the right to release day updates. Maybe half their other apps quit working, a risk EVERYONE willingly faces for the chance to stand on the bleeding edge of computing. However, no matter the update, one’s keyboard doesn’t break, one’s mouse doesn’t break. Assistive technology users should expect no less from our forms of the keyboard/mouse. AT developers need to push the envelope as hard as Apple does, choosing innovation and zealous testing that ensures stable access to the technology of right now, and next year, and forever on. I don’t feel that expecting my switch to work on Day One of a major OS release is too much to ask, especially considering that developers have access to testing the OS months in advance.

Admittedly, I had access, I could have tested. I got complacent. Still, at the end of the day, I’m the end-user, the last link in the testing chain. It shouldn’t be that since my life depends on the technology, and I have some developer access, I Goddamn well better test the shit out of my switch… and Kurt Cobain shouldn’t be dead… and Nirvana should have put out a fourth record that sounded like R.E.M. as if heard through the filter of one’s nightmares. However, none of that is reality. Kurt’s dead, that record never happened, and I don’t get to be complacent, because the situation doesn’t just affect me, it touches every other NeuroSwitch user, and I’m in a position to help. Thinking about it in those terms, I have to help, nothing else really matters.

Lesson learned

Wish me luck

Soothe the burn

Wake me up…


Long, long day…

October 17th, 2014 | Category: Life,Opinions

So, I updated to Mac OS X Yosemite, and overall it’s SPECTACULAR… with a catch. It doesn’t so much like a piece of my assistive technology. I think I know which piece, and why, I’ll know more tomorrow. No matter what, it will get it fixed. In the meantime, my typing… suffers.

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Oh no, a fan!

October 16th, 2014 | Category: Life,Opinions

So, Governor Rick Scott and former Governor (turned wannabe Governor) Charlie Crist are both skeezy. Though, Scott takes things a step further as a bonafide skeezy criminal. Our race for Governor here in Florida isn’t about voting in the best man for the job, it’s about choosing the fellow who is less awful. Sadly, that man is Charlie Crist. It’s a sad, sad race. At least now, it’s been injected with a good dose of absurdity…



October 12th, 2014 | Category: Life,Opinions,Random Thought

Okay, maybe I possibly overstated things when I kind of pretty much guaranteed a post of substance for today. Last night, I had some ideas that felt solid, but now that I’m here… They’re just not ready, yet. Still, I can prattle.

I am excited about the week. World of Warcraft gets a pretty big update Tuesday, which I shouldn’t admit to being excited about, and yet… I am, a little.

I do have genuine excitement for Thursday, Apple’s having a press event. I won’t speculate on the bulk of the show, but I’m just about certain we’ll see the release of Mac OS X Yosemite… I HOPE. I’m stupidly jazzed about Yosemite, it’s a huge visual overhaul of OS X. All the icons are going from flashy 3D, to a softer, hand-sketched look. Windows and menus will be softly transparent rather than opaque. It’ll basically match iOS 8, which makes sense. iOS and OS X are moving toward seamless integration. With Yosemite, they’re really damn close to perfect. Continuity of design is a crucial part of the user experience. Unlike Microsoft, Apple isn’t just jamming the same OS onto their mobile and desktop platforms (a TOTALLY STUPID idea), they’re creating elegant ties between operating systems that are unique to their respective platforms. The look of icons and menus is one of the elegant ties. I love the look of iOS 8, I’m so ready for OS X to make the shift. I think it’s a sophisticated style that’s MUCH easier on the eye. I mean, bright and 3D is definitely visually arresting, but after six or seven hours straight (or too often, eighteen), every day, it can sometimes get visually… hurty. I’m looking forward to a UI (user-interface) that’s elegant yet subdued, as opposed to the New Windows, which is subdued yet shabby.

Maybe prattle can have substance. A little? Maybe?

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Mind changed!

October 05th, 2014 | Category: Life,Opinions

So, last night I went to see Gone Girl, and I just wasn’t enthused. I couldn’t have been more wrong, it was SPECTACULAR. I should have remembered, there are a very few directors who just don’t do bad movies. It’s a very short list, but nevertheless, the list does exist. David Fincher is absolutely toward the top of that list. I should have just seen Gone Girl… David Fincher, and been totally enthused. It was amazing.

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The Future Queen of Texas!

October 03rd, 2014 | Category: Life,Opinions,Random Thought

I think politicians who push strict interpretation of the Constitution are the ones who understand it the least.


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