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Aug 20

WordPress 4.3: Site Icons!

Category: Life

So, it took me a few extra days to unveil that fancy feature I mentioned, but we’re here now… let’s do this.

WordPress 4.3 introduces something to make WordPress sites stand out against the generic unsophisticated masses, something high-end sites have had for years… Site Icons! Whenever you Bookmark or Favorite or whatever the word is that your browser of choice uses for saving a site you want to visit again and again at your leisure, that site gets saved with an icon. For instance, gets saved with their famous logo, the now monochromatic apple with a whimsical bite taken out of it. Other sites, smaller sites, generally get some sort of generic placeholder icon. My blog had said placeholder icon. Had, past tense, no more.

My blog is the icon labeled, "Blog"

My blog is the icon labeled, “Blog”

My blog now has a shiny unique Site Icon.

Thank you WordPress 4.3!

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Aug 18

WordPress 4.3 hath come!

Category: Life

So, we’re now running WordPress 4.3, and though it isn’t a particularly flashy update, I really like it. The writing process is refined yet again, text formatting is much easier. Oh, there is one totally flashy feature, something I’ve wanted for years… I’ll unveil it tomorrow.

I want to write more, I’m going to try.

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Aug 2

Sundays with Darth Vader… and the Zombie Girl… and… the Rancor!

Category: Life

Many don’t know this about me, but on the first Sunday of every month I have a champagne brunch with Darth Vader, Zombie Girl, and the Rancor. The food is always excellent, the champagne always flowing, and the conversation, well, it varies. Honestly, the Rancor can be kind of a pill, He just started, like, showing up, and we don’t know how to ask him to not show up. I mean, he’s the Rancor. Still, I can’t say we haven’t grown fond of him over these many years.


Jul 29

So many faces!

Nobody ever suspects… the butterfly.

Nobody ever suspects… the butterfly.

Here comes the sun…

Here comes the sun…

No, this isn’t now The Apple Watch Blog, I’m just not done being amused by and experimenting with its myriad of faces. They’re all so stylish, yet functional. Though, I do tend to lean toward the faces that are just straight-up pretty, rather than those that show current stock prices, the current time in London, the current moon phase, and so on. I’ve always been a sensualist.

Also, I wanted to test the camera on my new iPod touch. The new touch is really spectacular, it’s what I’ve wanted from the beginning; an elegantly portable iPod that shoots 1080p video and gorgeous still pictures, oh and it runs apps, does everything internet-related, and brews a good cup of coffee. We’re talking gourmet French-roast, not Sanka.

Anyway, enough rambling.

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Jul 14

It’s about time…

Category: Life
Tempus something or other…

Tempus something or other…

So, I suppose it’s about time I started writing again.

I took some time off, though I don’t feel particularly refreshed, and lately I feel like shit. Nevertheless, I’m not completely devoid of thought… yet.


Jun 30


Category: Life

You saw the typo, you know how ASTONISHINGLY STUPID it was, I’m a fucking “imbecile.”

There’s no excuse for something that stupid. I apologize.


Jun 29

Apple Music tomorrow

Category: Life

So, tomorrow, Apple launches Apple Music, a streaming music service that is quite ambitious…

I don’t want to say more until I see it in action.


Jun 28

If not now, when?

Category: Life

Jun 27

Or tomorrow

Category: Life

I didn’t have much will or time for writing today. Maybe tomorrow.

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Jun 26

So sew so

Category: Life

So, I think tomorrow, I’ll post something real.

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