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Aug 31

Better late than REALLY late: Running WordPress 4.6

Category: Life

So, I’m kind of pretty late on this, but… we are finally running WordPress 4.6! Mainly it’s an update that’s mostly focused on under the hood technology, nothing flashy. Though, without the under the hood stuff, WordPress wouldn’t be such a spectacular platform.

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Jun 15

I’m alive!

Category: Life,Opinions

So, obviously, I haven’t written in… awhile. It seemed like a break was necessary.

Anyway, after finishing my Goodreads 2016 Reading Challenge WAY early, I decided to re-read Caitlin R. Kiernan’s entire body of work. If you haven’t read Kiernan, it’s like saying you’ve never read Faulkner. She’s important.

I don’t re-read many writers, it usually feels pointless. They give you a story, the secrets are revealed and that’s that. Generally, it doesn’t seem worth the time to go through the book again. It’s not like you can multi-task while reading, it’s a real time-sink. Of course, rules have exceptions, and Caitlin R. Kiernan is on my very short list of exceptions. Unlike so many writers of our day, Kiernan doesn’t spoon-feed readers her stories’ revelations. She is very against “the reveal,” she leaves readers with questions, she leaves us to decide on so many whys and wherefores. It’s cause for criticism on occasion, which to me, only proves that readers are getting lazy. If you can’t google it, something’s obviously wrong. Our world isn’t supposed to have mystery, unanswered questions make us uncomfortable. The thing is, when you’re writing about human frailty, insanity, loss, magic, beings who were around to see the sun blink on, sometimes there just aren’t answers. Some things are simply unknowable.

Caitlin R. Kiernan writes beautifully conceived, gorgeously dark and compelleing stories that are fun to read and read and read again because with each reading the fog clears a little more, but never completely. There’s always something left to think on, always another reason to take another look.

Right now, I’m reading The Drowning Girl, which is a pretty good place to start if you’re new to Kiernan’s work. It’s a one of her stand-alone novels, it has absolutely no ties to her other books. It’s one of the most unique works of fiction I’ve ever read.

Well, that’s enough for now.

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May 7

On the ballot, and lost…

Category: Life

So, today I was on the ballot to be a delegate for Hillary Clinton at the upcoming Democratic National Convention.

Unfortunately, I lost.


May 6

And yeeeeet

Category: Life

And yet again, nothing.

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May 5


Category: Life

Nor today.

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May 4

Nada it is

Category: Life

I have not a thing today.

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May 3

The Bern takes it downtown!

So, Bernie Sanders took Indiana, and blew $1.8 million to do it. Now he just has to win every single other primary after Hillary Clinton drops stone-dead, then The Bern is set#yeahthatll happen #not

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May 2

Selfish politics creates division

So, I get political when I feel like it, but I don’t think overly so. I’ve made it crystal clear that I don’t support Bernie Sanders, but I don’t feel like I post anything really divisive. Yet…

I noticed this tweet today:

“@wholeexpanse bye Michael it was nice knowing you. peace out #feelthebern”

I got unfollowed by someone who had followed me for awhile, who seemed to care about me when I’m up or down, all because I posted against The Bern. Whatever happened to agree to disagree? When did politics become, “We’re all liberal Democrats, but if you don’t like my candidate, fuck off?” Our Founding Fathers would be ashamed, I feel. They fought each other hard, they were trying to create something completely new, a Great Nation ruled by its people, their debates were often heated. Still, at the end of the day, they didn’t despise each other. They remained civil, men working toward a common goal.

Today, apparently all bets are off. Rather than admit his obvious defeat, rather than deciding to work toward uniting the Democratic party, Sanders seems bent on derision and division. He could still see his ideas come to fruition, if he would just admit that the people have spoken, just not for him, and collaborate with Secretary Clinton… with the Party. Instead, he continues the farce he calls a campaign, pitting his supporters against the rest of the Party, wasting MILLIONS of dollars that would be better spent helping us to take back Congress. Bernie Sanders is no Jefferson Smith fighting for a noble lost cause, he’s fighting a pointless lost cause in order to satisfy his own delusions of grandeur. He’s creating a rift between people who ought to be speaking out as one voice against the very real threat that is Donald Trump.

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May 1

Coming’ up next…

Category: Life

Coming up this week on the blog, a week of solid writing. I’m going to make a concerted, genuine go of it…


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Apr 30

Flatty Flatness

Category: Life

I feel really flat today… flat and uneasy. I’m not sleeping well, my trach’s really bothering me. It’s hard to focus.

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